Philosophy and Services


We begin our consultation with a conversation.  Our goal is to:

  • Define your opportunity, challenge or issue requiring expert outside assistance.
  • Clarify your desired outcome or the work products you need from the consultation.
  • Assess the specific talents and skills required to address your situation.
  • Determine appropriate strategies, create a “scope of work,” and establish a timeline for your consultation with us.

Take advantage of Stonehill Consulting Group to give you a fresh perspective, raise some thoughtful questions, receive a reaction to your plans, gain advice and guidance, or perhaps just analyze the structure that you need to tackle a new opportunity or an old challenge.

Fundraising and Fund Development

Emergency and Transition Management

Board Development


I have always believed our nation derives its strength from the quality of its people and from the integrity of three pillars upon which our society is built. These pillars are:

  • A government based on democratic principles that guarantees individual freedom and opportunity.
  • A free enterprise system that produces economic well-being.
  • A healthy nonprofit sector that provides services, advocacy and cultural enrichment.

We must protect, nourish and strengthen each of these in order to provide opportunities for a quality life for each of our citizens.

—Scott Smith, MA
Managing Partner, Stonehill Consulting Group, LLC