Executive Coaching For Nonprofit Leaders

Executive Coaching For Nonprofit Leaders

Stonehill Consulting Group offers a highly customized professional development experience for nonprofit Executives and CEOs.

“Transformation isn’t a future event. It’s a present-day activity.”

— Jillian Michaels

Helping nonprofit leaders increase their leadership effectiveness and efficiency through coaching.  While the for-profit sector has used coaches for decades, nonprofit executive and their boards have only recently begun to utilize this valuable tool.  

If you are a nonprofit executive or CEO with a desire to develop your leadership skills and those of your staff, coaching is an invaluable tool that offers significant benefit for you and your organization. 

“Nothing happens without personal transformation.”

— W. Edwards Deming

Today’s nonprofits are facing unprecedented challenges.  From uncertain funding, to rising costs, to hiring and keeping talented staff, it has never been harder to run successful nonprofits.  Whether the nonprofit has a well-functioning board that is fully engaged, or a board that does the bare minimum, managing a board presents another level of challenge. 

Let’s face it, it can be lonely at the top.  Too often as key decisions have to be made there are very few resources for Executive Directors or CEOs to tap into for an honest perspective and advice from another experienced professional.

Why should Nonprofit Leaders get coaching with Stonehill Consulting Group?

  • Create a safe and confidential space to explore key issues that the leader or organization is facing
  • Function as a sounding board
  • Provide fresh eyes on old issues
  • A clear understanding of the relationship between the board, the executive director and the staff
  • Experience developing highly effective boards.
  • Led multiple organizations in crisis
  • Significant fundraising experience
  • We are seasoned nonprofit executives who have had multiple experiences as permanent and interim executive director
  • Decades of experience with multiple types of nonprofits and clear-eyed understanding of all the facets of leading a successful nonprofit.

When should organizations consider a coach?

  • Executives who are responsible for creating and executing a strategic plan or a fund-raising plan
  • Executive Directors experiencing conflict with the board or their staff
  • Organizations facing a crisis
  • Professional or organizational stagnation
  • First-time executive directors who want to be successful

Forms of Coaching

Coaching takes many forms and can provide support in multiple areas.  Examples include:

  • Clarification and rededication of the mission and purpose of the organization
  • Development of a strong and stable culture
  • Alignment of resources (people, time and money) with the mission
  • Board management to create a more effective Board in line with the needs and mission of the organization

What to expect from a Stonehill Coach 

At Stonehill Consulting we will:

  • Help uncover possible opportunities or dangers you might not see
  • Help define the issues and with you formulate the best paths for success
  • Flag opportunities or dangers that you may not be aware of and work with you to formulate plans for maximizing opportunity
  • Guide you through a specific period of change in your life or the agency’s
  • Serve as your accountability partner
  • Help develop strategies for overcoming obstacles in your way. 

Additional information

Confidentiality – We will be coaching you as a person and not the organization.  We therefore hold the information discussed confidential to the greatest extent possible and would not respond to requests for information with anyone else in your organization. 

However, we will disclose information if we believe there is illegal activity or if required by a subpoena.

Coaching is not a replacement for legal, accounting or mental health services – Your coach is not an attorney, accountant or mental health professional (although we will be able to recommend some very talented people in these fields). 

Coaching is a team effort between client and coach – You will get out of it what you put into it.  We will hold your scheduled time as sacred and ask that you do the same.  Expect that there will be work for you to do between sessions and plan accordingly to be well prepared for each session. 

Contact us to get started

Stonehill Senior Partner Joyce Schlose supervises all aspects of our Executive Coaching For Nonprofit Leaders services.  For more information contact:

Joyce Schlose, MasterMind Executive Coach
cell: 720-939-6297 email: joyce@stonehillmail.com