Data Intensive Feasibility Studies ™

Data Intensive Feasibility Studies ™

Are you ready for a major campaign? Stonehill Consulting Group determines your readiness for a major fundraising campaign. 

Your feasibility study must be predictive. To achieve this, your study must collect the right data, analyze and interpret the data correctly, and provide your nonprofit with accurate recommendations that give you information essential to the success of your capital campaign. 

A Feasibility Study shouldn’t simply determine whether funding is available for your capital campaign, although this is critical. The issues it addresses are far more complex. The real purpose of your feasibility study is to answer nine questions:

  • Is your proposed campaign goal realistic and, if not, what is a realistic goal?
  • What are your best campaign strategies given the economic and community context in which your campaign will be conducted? 
  • Are you making the best case for support to your prospective funders and, if not, what changes should be made to strengthen your case for support?
  • Should you delay or move forward with your campaign?
  • What is the most realistic timeline for your campaign?
  • What campaign leadership can and must be recruited to ensure campaign success?  
  • Who are your best individual, business and foundation prospects?
  • Are there opportunities for key leadership gifts during the silent phase of your campaign? 
  • What internal readiness steps must you take to mount a successful campaign?

The accuracy of your feasibility study depends entirely on collecting the right amount of reliable data. Stonehill employs our Data Intensive Feasibility Study ™ strategy. More data rather than less is collected to create the basis for a reliable analysis and provide recommendations for the conduct of your capital campaign. 

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