About Stonehill

About Stonehill Consulting

Stonehill Consulting Group, LLC, was created in 2006 by T. Scott Smith, MA and John Kivimaki, CFRE. Stonehill’s strategy is to work collaboratively with board, staff and volunteers to build internal capacity while accomplishing the objectives of a specific project. This leaves our client’s operations and programs stronger at the conclusion of the consulting engagement.

Competitive Advantage
We believe Stonehill has at least four characteristics that give us a competitive advantage in working with you:

  • First, prior to forming Stonehill, we have held every major staff position in a nonprofit, including Executive Director/CEO. This provides Stonehill with an unusual ability to understand and work with your senior staff. We recognize the complexity of the work you do and have experienced the problems you face. It also allows us to analyze the duties, functions, tasks and effectiveness of various senior management positions based on experience as well as expertise.
  • Third, we have served on Board of Directors of nonprofit organizations. This provides us with firsthand experience in appreciating the duties and responsibilities of your Board and its individual members, as well as the problems these key volunteers face. Thus our Board training and development projects are tailored to the real life situation of being a Board member.